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Hot dog anyone?

I'll never forget when I was a nursing student in the ER on clinicals and this guy came in on his own asking for an enema.  We had gone in to assess him and everything seemed fine... His last BM was the day prior so naturally we wondered why he was requested an enema.  Here, come to find out, he shoved an entire pack of hot dogs up his anus/rectum and could not remove them himself.  And he told us this with a straight face.  I was dying inside and when myself and the other nurse and ER attending doc left the room, we had to go into the back, close the door, and burst into tearful laughter until it hurt.  Needless to say, he didn't get an enema, but the nurse had to dig him out manually.  *Shudders* 

I've not had a hot dog since.
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