Heather Leigh (nolavampiregal) wrote in nursing_tmi,
Heather Leigh

Fun with abscesses

I am still thinking about this one so I thought I would share!

Last week I took care of a 2 year old in with a right inguinal abscess about the size of an egg. MRSA suspected of course. We were putting on the warm heat and giving clindamycin.

During my last check for the end of the shift I saw that he had some drainage on his diaper near the wound, and there was a beaded pearl of drainage on the wound itself. I got orders to culture and drain it.

Thank goodness I thought to not only keep my contact precautions intact (gown and gloves) but I decided to put on a face shield and mask as well.

I opened up that baby and a river of stuff came out (purulent and bloody), I would guess about 60 mls easy. Some of it became airborne and totally hit my mask. If I hadn't thought ahead of time it would have been in my eye and hair and probably in my mouth.

You better believe I still stripped and showered once I got right inside the front door of the house!
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