Auryn (auryn24) wrote in nursing_tmi,


So last night we were supposedly getting a perfed bowel from surgery. (I work in the ICU). This is how the story went.

21 year old girl started "passing blood" with abdominal pain and came in through the ER.

There was frank blood in the toilet after she had a bowel movement, and it continued, along with the pain.

Doc asked her what was going on. She told the doc that her and her boyfriend had anal sex and she was afraid she hurt herself.

(by the way, this is all hear say through our male charge nurse, through the male ER charge nurse)

The doc suspected bowel perf and consulted surgeon.

21 year old patient called all her family. I'm supposing she must have told them SOMETHING about why she was going to surgery.

Took her for a exp lap. Come to find out she had ruptured a ovarian cyst. Colon was ok.

Oops. Now her whole family and hospital people know her sexual habits....all for nothing.
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lol, that made me giggle.
What's her number?

Can you perforate a bowel from anal sex? Well her BF's ego got a stroking.