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I was working extra, as a favor, for my old buddies in the CCU. So of course, I get the patient-care assignment from Hell.

An old sort-of-demented dude, with the ascites belly that looks like it's about to explode. I think he had the whole family of Hepatitis' (A, B, C..........) and thus, he was in contact isolation. Oh ya, he had heart disease too, so keeping on his EKG leads, seemed important at the time. I notice on the monitor, that his leads are off for the 5th time, so I head into the room, gowning, gloving, masking and sweating. He was out of bed and stumbling around. So I herd him back to the bedside, have him sit at the edge and I turn my back, as I try to disentangle all the wires and lines. I'm standing at least 3 feet away from him, when I felt something pushing and spraying against the back of my isolation gown. Turning around, much to my surprise and disgust, there is a stream of ascites fluid, squirting out of his belly-button, (where apparently he had an umbilical hernia) in a symmetrical arc, now running down the front of my gown. Well, this took a good 30 minutes to deal with (after paging the GI Intern to bring in his thumb and a pile of dressings).

That wasn't the end. Later, about 30 minutes before the end of the shift, I open the sliding door to his room, only to find the ENTIRE floor of the 12 x 12 room, under about a 16th of an inch of ascites fluid and it's heading out the door!

The memory of this, still causes me to quake and shake!

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