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Committed: Story of a Nurse

Hello all. As part of a project I am working on independently, I have started a blog about things that happen to me as a hospice nurse but also as someone who suddenly realized on Monday that she had been a nurse for more than a year now (SHOCKER!). Now I almost quit nursing while working as a cardiac nurse in a hospital. Then I left the hospital and went into visiting home hospice. Now, I love my job (despite how much I want to beat people with my laptop) but I work with a lot of nurses who are +15 years and it's interesting to talk with them. I talked about wanting to write something for new nurses since I went through a literal trial-by-fire in my first year.

So this is the beginning of the blog which is basically daily "love" for the profession. I invite everyone of all levels of nursing and the medical profession to take a read and comment. I hope you giggle, I hope you laugh, I hope you have some fun and I hope you remember those FANTASTIC memories of your first years as a nurse too.

My blog is amusingly titled: Committed: Story of a Nurse - No, you aren't crazy. Yes, the patient did that and no, you can't stop them.
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I freaking love that title. I quoted you on my FB. ;)